The spirit of the Cherry Blossom. Translated by Karen Santry told by Heisei Nakamura TSUMORUKOI YUKINOSEKINOTO PLAYED BY ACTOR – BANDO TAMASABURO


The woman was the spirit of a cherry tree, Sumizome Cherry, which the late Emperor had loved most of all. After death of the Emperor, the color of its blossoms were lost. But the song composed by talented Princess Komachi Ono infused life into the tree and restored its beauty. This is why the tree is called Komachi Cherry. Since songs by nature exist to calm the soul and words transfer it, it can be said that the spirit of Komachi revived the tree. Thus the cherry tree lived on like a human being.</span>   Unbelievable it may seem to modern people, the people in the ancient days had a firm belief that flowers and trees, like human beings, had their should and lived their lives. It was only natural then that the spirit of a cherry tree would be incarnated as a woman. Indeed the cherry tree, which was revived by komachi, came out to this world in the shape of a courtesan and loved a man.


墨染 積恋雪関扉